Last Update:  4th June 2015



Camrose Trials

Sample Hand

   North  South
 ♠  AKJ965  T742
   J876  A954
   63  AKQJ
 ♣  K  A

Most players bid and made 6 which is the easiest contract to make.
6NT was bid but failed

Padraig O’Brien found himself in 6

It looks pretty impossible because you are missing K, Q, T, X X in .

There is only one play that will bring this contract home, you have to hope for a double-ton Ten in the West hand.

So the play is to play a small heart at trick two intending to finesse the 6 if the Ten is not played. If the Ten is played cover with the Jack. This keeps the hearts to one loser.

It is no wonder that Padraig was on the winning team for the 1st session