Announcements and Alerts


CBAI regulations state the following announcements are required at the time of bidding.

No Alert is required and no other announcements are permitted.

The three required announcements:

  1. Partner opens 1NT. uncement required is to state the points range “12-14” Weak No Trump or “15-17” Strong No Trump.

  2. Partnership agreement is to open a short  club. Announcement required “Could be short

  3. Your Partner bids Two of a suit over your 1NT opening, as a Transfer, announcement required “Transfer


If your partner makes any bid which is not a standard ACOL bid, and said bid is at or below the 3NT level or an Opening bid, you must Alert said bid.

  • Do not offer any further explanation unless asked

  • The Player whose turn it is to bid may ask for an explanation

  • The Partner of the Player whose turn it is to bid MAY NOT ask for an explanation until it is their turn to bid.

  • If they do not ask, you do not tell, as you could be in breach of Law 16 providing unauthorised information to your partner.

  • Opponents have the option to wait until the auction is complete before requesting bid explanations.

When asked for an explanation you must provide a full account of what is contained in the bid.  Simple statement of points, weak, Michaels, or similar, are not sufficient explanations. If a bid promises a minimum card holding in a suit, the explanation should include this information.  If the bid promises a point range, state this range exactly.





Multi 2D opening, showing either a 6 card major with 6-10 points or a strong NT hand with 21-22 points.


Showing 23 point balanced NT hand or 8 playing tricks in a suit

Be sure not to stray from the above as this can mean a breach of Law 16 providing unauthorised information to your partner.

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