Live Corn Cairdis Score, Courtesy of Diarmuid Reddan

Corn Cairdis 2016
6th to 8th May, 2016

Corn Cairdis

The Corn Cairdis (Cup of Friendship) is an annual event for teams representing the English Bridge Union (EBU) and Contract Bridge Assocation of Ireland (CBAI).   Three teams of four representing County, Club and Officials compete to with the Corn Cairdis (The Cup of Friendship)

The event was organised and funded by the EBU until 2009, and thereafter the English side of the event has been overseen by former EBU Chairman, Peter Stocken, and Philip Mason, Chairman of Yorkshire Contract Bridge Association. The EBU no longer makes any financial contribution to the costs of the event.

It has alternated between the two countries, though Ireland hosted it two years running in 2009 and 2010. In recent years, the West Midlands hosted the event in 2011, and Yorkshire (Bradford) in 2013.

After the 2015 event, England had won 15 times, and Ireland 8 times.

The 2015 event took place at Stamford Bridge Club on 18th-19th April (see below).

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